What is MDP?
MDP is NOT insurance, it is an alternative to insurance that allows members to pay reduced rates for dental services.  MDP works in cooperation with a network of general dentists and specialists who offer our members dental services at our reduced rates.  You, the member, pay the reduced fees directly to the participating dentist.

How long has MDP been in business?
MDP has been in business since February 2000.  It was started by a young Dentist who wanted to offer his patients without dental insurance the opportunity to save some money for expensive dental services.

What if my dentist is not participating with MDP?
You can contact us by either phone or e-mail & we will gladly contact your dentist to see if he/she would be interested in joining up with MDP.

Can I change my dentist?
You can change your dentist at any time for any reason.  The dentist, however, may charge a fee for x-ray duplication and record transfer.  We at MDP would like to know if for some reason you were not satisfied with a dentist.  Please feel free to contact us with any complaints or issues that may arise

What if I have already seen the dentist before becoming an MDP Member?  Can I still use that dentist?
Before becoming an MDP member, ask your dentist if he/she will accept you as an MDP patient if you join MDP.  The dentist has the right to refuse treatment, and you may select another dentist from our provider list.

Can I use MDP for specialty work only?
You can definitely use MDP for specialty work only.  However, you might find it beneficial to use MDP for traditional dental work also.

What if I am a single parent with more than one child, which plan do I sign up for?
You would sign up for the Family Plan .

What is the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy is as follows:

    All MDP membership fees are fully refundable within 48 business hours of your application receipt.  Requests for cancellation must be by either e-mail or calling us at 1- 877- 880- PLAN (7526), between the hours of 11am – 8pm EST.  If you find you need to cancel beyond the allowable 48 hour period, requests must be made in writing and is subject to a 25% cancellation processing fee and monthly prorate.  Final determinations are at the discretion of the management.