Examples of Savings

Initial Exam
Full Mouth Series of X-Rays
Periodic Exam (once every 6 mos.)
Adult Prophy (cleaning)
Child Prophy
Child Fluoride
1 surface amalgam (silver) filling
1 surface resin (tooth colored) filling
Molar Root Canal
Routine Extraction
Denture (Complete Upper or Lower)
Regular Fee*
MDP Fee**

How does Mainline Dental Plan, Inc. (MDP) benefit you?  MDP provides reduced rates for quality dentistry to individuals and groups.  MDP works in cooperation with a network of dentists and specialists who offer our members dental services at reduced rates.  MDP is NOT insurance, it is an alternative to insurance that allows members to pay reduced fees for dental services.  Based upon our fee schedule, you can enjoy savings from 25% to 100% off the regular dentist’s fee by joining MDP.

Dental insurance can be very costly.  With most insurance plans, there are annual maximums, deductibles, and waiting periods for certain treatments.  There can also be clauses that do not cover missing teeth, no coverage for Cosmetic Dentistry and various forms to fill out for claim submission.  In addition, you may still have to pay a portion of the dentist’s charges.

MDP has NO annual maximum.  NO deductibles, NO pre-existing condition clauses, NO paperwork to fill out for a claim, and NO waiting periods.  Plus, Cosmetic Dentistry is offered at 25% less the regular fee.  The best thing is that you know what you have to pay out of pocket before you go!

Our goal is to make certain everyone has the opportunity to have the affordable dental treatments they need and want.  MDP can accommodate individuals, couples, and families, as well as employers with small or large groups.

Choose the plan that is appropriate for you: Individual, Couple, Parent & Child, or Family. The couple plan allows two people in the same household (i.e. domestic partners or roommates) to participate.  The family plan includes member, spouse and all dependent children under 18 years of age.  Group plans are also available for unions or businesses with four or more employees.

It’s easy to sign up with MDP.  Just complete the application, either online or a printable version, and when we receive it with your payment, we will mail you a membership card which entitles you to our special reduced fees.  Then you simply select a dentist convenient for you from our directory of dentists and schedule your appointment.  (Just don’t forget to bring your membership card.)  You pay the dentist directly according to the MDP fee schedule for services rendered and save up to 100% off of their traditional fees.  Not comfortable with applying online or is your printer out of ink?  No problem, just give us a call and we will send you an application.

Members are active as soon as payment and application are received.  Coverage is valid for one year to the date of enrollment.  Coverage will then be renewed on an annual basis.

MDP continues to add Dentists and Specialists to our Directory of Dentists on a regular basis.  If there is a particular Dentist you would like to see added as a participating provider of MDP, just call us and we will gladly contact your provider to see if they are interested in joining MDP.

Not only does MDP benefit members, but participating doctors, as well.  MDP can help increase the dentist’s volume of patients, while at the same time offering quality dental care to our members at affordable prices!  We all win!

We at MDP are sure you will benefit from our services.